Sally’s Goal

If only the world could be a better place, I have seen many videos lately on outrageous actions by people being cruel to cats and dogs, dumping them like rubbish to die leaving them to be eaten virtually alive.

Can you imagine the pain and loneliness, it breaks me apart, I notice the difference in my cats they are so attached and know they are loved, when it time for one to die naturally they know they have been loved and leave this world knowing I cared.

Through, I am looking to improve lives and save animals from cruelty and now the site has all the links to what is needed in the United Kingdom their is no reason for any animal or person to suffer.

The world needs love not isolation, when I was married I felt lonely I was not accepted and was living with the enemy these pets do not need an enemy and I urge any one to report them and do what is right and make a difference.

Visit our You Tube Channel a lot of advice and help at hand

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